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Things have been going pretty good lately. :)
This was the last week of school for the semester, and I have my final exam on Monday.
So hopefully that goes well.

James has still been working a lot. He was supposed to be off work today but, while he was on his way home he got a call saying that he had to go back in to work to work at another station. So he just got to come home long enough to see me for a few and shave and he had to head back.
He has tomorrow off though, so hopefully we'll get to spend some time together. Then he goes back to work on Saturday and works at the restaurant Sunday morning.

My friend Jessie's baby turned 1 on the 17th. Hard to believe she's 1 already. This past year has flown by.
She's such a goofball though. She's starting to talk a little bit now. She says yeah really well. I talked to Jess on the phone for a bit today and you could hear her saying it in the background. lol.
I got to babysit her one day last week, we had a good time. That was my first time babysitting someone alone, and changed my first diaper that day. Wasn't bad at all :)
I think James and I are going to go down and see them tomorrow during the day for a little bit since he hasn't seen her in so long. So that should be fun, he loves kids. He really wants to have one now. lol.

Easter wasn't bad. I had to work all day but made decent money, pretty sure i made more than i did last year. and got to leave by 7 so i got to james' moms house for a bit and visit with them and his grandparents. haven't gotten to see them in a really long time so glad i got to for a bit.
now the next big holiday at work is mothers day. hopefully it will go as well as easter did. and hopefully i'll make more money than i did then too. :) But we will see.

But, i'm off to study some more for my final. hope everyone is doing good! :)

Apr. 10th, 2014

Heyyy. Hope everyone is doing well.
Not too much has been going on lately.
All the girls got their dresses paid for on time surprisingly. So they have been ordered and should be here in a few months. :) now just have to worry about getting their shoes and jewelry.

James has been working a lot. Two weeks ago he worked 100 and something hours between the restaurant and emt. This week he was supposed to go Ito work a 72 hour shift Dom Monday to Wednesday. Then last night he found out he had to work a 24 hour shift again today because the guy that was supposed to work went to the er. And he has to stay over on his only day off this week tomorrow because the crew that is on shift is going to be out of town on a transport for lie half the day so they need people to stay at the station and take calls if they have some in while they're gone. So hopefully he will be up b e time I get off work tomorrow night for a few minutes so I get to see him before he goes in for another 24 hour shift on saturday. I don't see how he does it. I think he has I only gotten like 3-4 hours of sleep a night since they've had so many calls. Wish they would hire someone new like they are supposed to so the guys don't have to work so many shifts in a row.

Wish I was getting even half the hours that he gets at my job. I work 5 days a week but all of them but 1 are only 3-4 hour shifts so I really don't work that many hours. Thankfully we have been busier on Saturdays and Sunday's. The past few Sundays I've been able to make over 100 all day.

I only have a few more weeks left of classes for he semester. Think I'm going to take a summer class or two so going to make an appt. with an adviser just to see where I'm a with my degree and get those classes for summer and fall scheduled. Can't wait to finally be done and get another job with more hours and money then I'm making now. :)

But that's about all thats going on right now. Going to go finish my episode of pretty little liars on Netflix and hang out with Buddha. (my pet rabbit)

That's a pic of her a few months ago. I have an updated one of her on my phone that I'll put up soon. She's a cutie :)


We got it fixed, finally. Lol
And it wasn't the computer thing we thought it was.
He tested a few things with his friends for a few days and turns out the battery started a lot of it. The battery shorted out and it caused it to fry the starter I guess. So we borrowed a battery from his mom and step dad to use until we get the money for a new battery which helps a lot. We went and bought a new starter as well and got that put on. We also found out that something is wrong with his gas gauge. It read that it still had gas in it but it didn't. The feature that tells you how many more miles you can go until you run out of gas still works so he will still know when he needs to get gas. But at least it's running again so that's all that matters. ;)


Vent 2

I'm hoping to have a big update up soon since its been so long but ill do that tonight or tomorrow when I have more time.

Today has been beyond frustrating. James car broke down on him yesterday on the side of the road when he was on his way to work. So I had to go get him and bring him the rest of the way there. Went and picked him up this morning and went to get the alternator out of the car because that's what we figured it was. So got that and brought it to advanced auto parts and they tested it for us. It's still good so they think it's the electronic control module or something like that. Turns out its one of the few things our warranty doesn't cover.. A new one is like 240 dollars. And we've been looking for a used one but haven't been able to find one yet. He's out getting it towed back to our apartment so that it's not on the side of the road anymore. And he just found out that once we find one were going to have to take it to the shop to get it programmed. Hopefully we are able to find an answer to this mess soon. And hopefully we can find another shop to program it. We called the one he got the car from and they don't have any open appointments until after April 1st. We can't wait that long to get his car back up and running. :(

So keep your fingers crossed for me that we find an answer that doesn't cost a ton of money. :) lol.
And I'll update later after I get off work and update of we find out anything else.


So Jessie, Christine, Brittany, and I went and looked for Bridesmaid dresses today and we found ones we like :)
They'll be ordering them by the end of March so they come in on time. They don't do layway so I didn't make them purchase them today since they didn't bring money with them and all that. But, they'll all get them ordered in time. The one that we got ended up being the cheaper one that we all really liked. It's only $121 plus tax. So that way they don't have to fork out a couple hundred dollars for a dress. I have a picture of it on my phone, i'll put it on my computer tonight after work and post it on here so you guys can see it too.
Going to go to the church here in the next few days and talk to someone in the office about getting that booked. So that way we have that done.
Need to get the social hall of the fire station booked for our rehersal dinner this week too.

We picked out a few save the dates that we like and I think we finally decided on one. So need to get those ordered. Started getting addresses for my side of the family. Just need to figure out the people that I still need addresses for and talk to my grandma to see if she has them/could get them for me. Now just have to talk to his mom soon to see if she could get us the addresses for people on his side. I can't wait to have some more of this stuff done, its soo stressful. lol.

But, other than that no too much is really going on. Have just been going to school (when we have it. because it got cancelled this past wednesday and one day last week due to snow), working, and spending time with James when he has time off work. Poor thing has a sinus infection for the past few days. It's getting a little better but he's still miserable. Hopefully he'll be able to get some rest tomorrow night when he gets done working at the restaurant tomorrow morning. Then he has to go back to work on Monday. He has a class he has to go to on Tuesday when he's off work. Then he's back to work Wednesday - Saturday. Sucks he has to work 5 days this week because I'll have to go without him for four days. But, we could really use the extra money for bills. Especially since we're in the process of paying his boss back for loaning us money to get his car fixed and extra on his car payment to cover the rest of the bill for the clutch going out.

I got on goodreads.com and looked at how far along i am on my goal of reading 100 books this year. Ive read 17 books so far and it says I'm 7 books ahead of my goal. :) I don't think I'll be able to read 365 books this year but i will for sure get to 100 books :)

Can't wait for this snow to go away. Some of it is finally starting to melt off the roads/sidewalks/my little parking lot and we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow :( I always like having snow during winter but i'm starting to get sick of it now. we haven't had this much snow/cold in the past few years so its weird to have it.

Jan. 28th, 2014

So school is still going good. Got cancelled yesterday because it is extremely cold again.
Got called off from work today as well for the same reason. Kinda wish I was working because could really use the money but nothing I can do though. James got an extra shift last Saturday so that will help make up for me missing work. He's officially going to be getting four days of work from now on because two guys quit and they are just using the guys they already have to fill in their open shifts. Which is good since we can def. use the extra money with the wedding coming up. I'm going to save my tax return and use it to pay on the food for the reception.

Talked to my bridesmaids and we are going dress shopping on feb. 8th. So hopefully we get that done so we can get the guys together to rent their tuxes. I don't know if considered too early to worry about renting the tuxes yet but figured it couldn't hurt so they have a bit more time to pay on them before october gets here. I got my wedding dress paid off though. So that's one less thing I have to worry about. Now just have to wait until it comes in so I can go pick it up. I'm going totals it to. Y grandmas house and keep it there so that way James won't be able to see it and it won't get damaged there. Now just have to work on getting my jewelry.

Got some of the addresses for the guys on the fire dept. from another one of the other wives. So now i only have a few more of those guys to worry about getting addresses for. :)

My rabbit, Buddha, discovered she can jump up on the furniture. So she's been having fun jumping on everything and relaxing on the couch with us. She's going to be six months old soon.

Went out to dinner with James friend mike, his wife, son, and her friend at Applebee's. We were supposed to go up to canton because Matt was supposed to go with us. But a little while after we made the plans and he was supposed to get off work they found out they had to stay later. Another truck at the station got a call to go man another station out of their district so they had to stay in case there were any other calls while they were gone. So he couldn't go so we just went to Applebee's. We ended up having a good time though.

We had a scare with one of the guys on the fire dept. over the weekend. He OD'd saturday night and when they found him he wasn't breathing and was starting to turn blue. He has had the problem for awhile but was never willing to get help for it. He's doing a lot better and is talking and everything. The fire heir is stepping in and making it a priority to make sure he gets help. But just glad hes getting better and hope he continues to get better.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far and is staying warm. :)


Jan. 15th, 2014

I started school this week. I'm only taking one class right now because it's all I can afford to take right now. But I'm going to get everything I need for financial aid stuff done so I can take a few classes in the summer to catch back up a little bit. Going to have to find out what I should do about talking to an advisor at this campus as well. I have one I can meet with technically because we are assigned one but they are up at kent main. I'd rather not drive 45 minutes to schedule my classes if I don't have to. I did have one down here but since I've been taking classes at kent main they re-assigned me to one up there.which makes sense. But, makes it a bit harder on my end. The class is going well so far though. Not sure the exact name of the class off the top of my head but it deals with minorities in our legal system and how they are treated. The professor is nice. And I don't have to buy a textbook for it because we won't really be using it.

I requested all of the days I need off for the wedding. My mom also booked the site where she is having my shower at so that is done. We are just going to have it at the restaurant we work at since the room we would be using is free and we know it's nice.

My wedding dress will be officially paid for next week. :) I got my veil and under garments paid for last week and brought that home. I also decided what shoes I'm wearing as well. It's a pair I already own that I've only worn once so they still look really nice. That way I won't have to worry about buying those. I think I am going to pick up a pair of flip flops or flats to wear at the reception in case my feet start to hurt. Now all I have to worry about is getting my jewelry and I'll be set. Now just have to work on getting james' class a's.

Not sure if I mentioned this already but I officially have all my bridesmaids. I have six in total. My best friend Jessie, her sister Jeannie who I've been close with for a long time as well, James' twin sisters britt and christine, and my two little cousins Gianna and Mira. I think we have all of the groomsmen picked out but I'm not sure. I think I'm hanging out with my maid of honor Friday for a bit so going to try to work on a few things and decide who is walking with who. Need to organize a time for everyone to go look at dresses too. Since we need to get those picked out so they have time to pay for them.

Sorry if that was really boring to read. Am just excited to start getting this stuff done so I won't have to worry about it later. I think I'm going to go check out a church tomorrow after work. It's one that I used to go to when I was in high school. Hopefully we will be able to have it there because I know it's nice and we need to get something booked like really soon so we can schedule marriage counseling and all that I'd we need to.

Hope everyone's having a good week so far.



I'll have a real update on in a day or so but just needed to vent for a few.
So we have james' car in the shop because the clutch went out on Christmas day as he was coming home from work. And it was supposed to be between 450-500 to get it fixed. Which we can't necessarily afford but were going to pull a little bit out of our wedding money and slowly put it back whenever we get paid. Anyways we get a call from the shop today since they are just looking at it and something else is wrong with it and that's going to be another 325.00. We don't really have the money right now to pay for it so who knows what we are going to do. And if we can get the money to get that stuff done we have to take it to another shop because there is a recall on something on the trailer hitch and the gas tank. I hate cars. Seems like there is always something wrong with one of them. If it keeps up like this we may have to push the wedding back a bit which I don't really want to do.

But alright guys. Hope your weekend is going better than mine is so far. :)


Cold week

Its finally out of the negatives here :)
Pretty excited about that. Have to go back to work tomorrow though. I got called off yesterday because of the cold. My soon to be sister in law, Brittany, stopped over yesterday to take a shower because her pipes froze. Luckily ours didn't here and we have been able to stay warm.

It figures that now that it's warmed up a bit it started snowing. Didn't even realize it was supposed to snow.

Finally got around to downloading Lj for my iPad. Am using it to update right now actually. I like it. Hopefully it will mean that I'll actually update more since I've been slacking on doing it for so long.
But hope everyone is staying warm and having a good week.



The first day of 2014 has officially come to a close.
Hopefully this year turns out much better than the past year.
Not that 2013 was terrible as some good things happened including officially beginning my wedding planning, making some good memories with friends and family, and getting closer to family that we had not been close to in previous years. James and I have successfully lived together in our own place for a year and were still doing amazing :)  Can't forget about him getting his new job and quitting his job at the restaurant. :)

But, I ended up going to my parents house for new years instead of going up to Bolivar because i didn't want to worry about drinking and driving. so we watched The Walking Dead Marathon on AMC and played some video games. Nothing exciting but, it was nice. Especially after the morning I had. Got James' car towed in the morning up to the dealership that is fixing it. Cost 75 dollars to tow it. which was a lot more expensive than i was expecting it to be. Took forever for the driver to get there so I was almost late for work at noon. Had to rush out to his moms house after that to let their dog out since his mom and family were headed down to West Virginia for a funeral. James' great uncle passed away on Friday. Which is really upsetting but he will be able to let his body rest and won't be suffering any more. I'm not really sure what his medical conditions actually were but i know he wasn't in the greatest shape. He only had half of a lung left so he relied on oxygen tanks to help him breathe better. I'm planning on talking to his mom about getting a picture of him and putting it in a frame and having it displayed at the wedding, since he won't be able to be there. Am going to do the same thing for my grandpa who passed away in October.

I'm not going to hold myself to a resolution this year because I never keep them. But, I'm going to try my best to start eating healthier and hopefully lose some weight. I've gained quite a bit in the last two years and I need to get it back off. Also found some things on the bucket list i created on pintrest that i would like to mark off my list as well. A few of the things have to do with the wedding though. But, I'll put a list below.

 - Own a To Write Love On Her Arms Shirt
 - finish a coloring book
 - try a cotton candy frappuccino (hopefully thats at least close to how that is spelled)
 - read 100 books in a year
 - Go on a mini golf date
 - Have my family at my wedding
 - Read 365 books in one year
 - read all of the pretty little liars books
 - own every flavor of EOS lip balm
 - Go fishing with James
 - complete an entire book of sudoku puzzles
 - have my father walk me down the isle
 - have my parents there the day i get married
 - spend an entire day watching disney movies
 - Shove cake in James' face at our wedding
 - Dance with my dad at my wedding
 - learn how to cook

So not a huge list of things and not all of them are really all that exciting. But, I tried to narrow them down to things that I know I would actually do so hopefully i'll actually accomplish them. The only iffy thing on there is the reading 365 books in one year. But, figured I'd go for it and see how far I get. I've already finished one book so far, so hopefully I'll keep it up. :)

Hope everyone had a safe and happy new year! 



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